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In addition to helping you get approved for a mortgage transaction, Broker Financial Group offers a variety of products such as insurance, loans, and investment services designed to best serve your financial needs in addition to other mandatory obligations.

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Jason Singh Rates

BFG Mortgage Rates

6 mo. 4.55% 3.10%
1 Yr. 3.29% 2.64%
2 Yr. 3.09% 2.79%
3 Yr. 3.39% 2.84%
4 Yr. 3.89% 2.99%
5 Yr. 4.49% 2.69%
7 Yr. 5.29% 3.79%
10 Yr. 5.79% 4.09%
Variable 2.40%
Subject to change. Conditions may apply. Updated: 11/9/2017

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